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Welcome to the portfolio of Archaen (Christian Bosence)
Efficiency, simplicity and formality are the key points of all my designs.
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›› About Me
I’m Christian Bosence i reside in the countryside of England. I’m currently a student at north Devon college, studying “Software Development”. I’ve had a strong interest in finding solutions to problems ever since i was a young boy, at the age of seven i made myself a TV stand out of Knex. My interest grew in technology when i was granted access to the internet, never looked back since.

›› Web design and server side development
I currently know: XTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL and PHP. I code without tables, or unnesecery repeats. All my code is 100% validated by W3C the world wide consortium and also put through speed performances to ensure your users aren’t frustrated.

›› Currently learning
I’m now taking up desktop application programming, started in VB and C#. So if you have any tutorials you are willing to share, drop the link to me on the contact me page. Thanks.

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If you would like to contact me, please hold tight, the contact me form is coming soon.

For the mean time, you can listen to some late night blues..
›› Updates and News
[22:40] [24/3/2009]: Updated some more, now I have a design twitter account.

[20:18] [02/3/2009]: Updated some more pages for your viewing pleasure.

[14:18] [01/3/2009]: All pages are linking, designed a favicon and fixed a few spelling mistakes.

[01:36] [23/2/2009]: Finished the Jquery, still playing around with a few settings.

[18:54] [19/2/2009]: New logo done. Finished the new CSS, time to work on the Javascript.

[10:42] [18/2/2009]: Started work on a new design.
›› Friends
“Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.” – Elbert Hubbard

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Scott Spittle
›› Other handy places
Leaflet: – A very good tech feed
Google: – Very handy web search engine
Twitter: – Short hand messaging
The Simple Crew: – Simple crew! Too little space to explain..
›› What is this ‘Simple Crew’ i keep hearing about?
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No.. Its under construction! So keep your eyes peeled.

›› The Simple Crew
I’m a member of the programming group ‘The Simple Crew’ more to say soon.
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